Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

From the opening sentences of his gospel, Luke made it clear that his objective was to provide an orderly description of events which had been “fulfilled” in his time. The Greek word (used here for the only time in the Gospels) means to make full or accomplish in a complete way; to persuade or give total assurance.

This word demonstrates that Luke was not just trying to provide an account of events. No. He specifically was interested in fulfillment.

Having traveled with Paul, he had heard him teach on many occasions, so Luke knew the historical context of Jesus’ birth. We know from his introduction that Luke had researched every detail about Jesus’ life. He had talked with many “eyewitnesses.” He had studied all the Old Testament texts. This thorough preparation demonstrated convincingly all the ways that Jesus had fulfilled every prophecy.

Luke’s emphasis on fulfillment was no accident. Jesus came into the world to fulfill the promises of God. This was central to His ministry and calling. His life was a testimony to the fact that God keeps His Word.

Today, many have forgotten these truths. Some seek to make Christmas into a secular holiday and even end its association with Jesus. But for Believers, Christmas is a powerful reminder that God is faithful and His promises are true. It illustrates that He has a plan for the ages and for each person.

This Christmas season, make a commitment to serve God. Seek to fulfill His purposes for you. Remember: You can trust Him and His Word.