Fruitfulness and Joy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For people going through difficult times, it can seem that nothing ever will change. They have been “stuck” in their present circumstances so long that it’s hard to imagine life being any different. It can seem that nothing works. That God does not hear their prayers.

It can be hard even to imagine that God really wants to bless them. And that His blessings are on the way. In the imagery provided by Solomon, it can seem like they are living through the coldest days of winter, and that spring never will arrive.

But the Bible promises that God’s Word really is true, even if we go through the “winters” of our lives. Yet, in every circumstance of life, we still need to trust in God, even if nothing seems to change. To plant Seeds from the time, talent, and treasure we have been given. To continue to believe and have faith.

If you have gone through winter seasons like this, there is good news! God is with you. And His promises still are true. If you stay faithful, you can be confident that flowers will spring up around you and that birds, once again, will sing their beautiful songs. The fragrance of blossoming grapevines will fill the air as He restores His fruitfulness and abundance to your life!

Today, banish doubt and worry! Continue to confess God’s Word. Declare His Promises to be true for you. And keep Sowing Seeds into His Kingdom. God has promised that, “in due season” you shall reap…if you don’t faint” (Galatians 6:9).