Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Even while teaching spiritual principles and truths, Paul was concerned with practical matters, such as putting faith into action and how to have victory in our daily lives.

When writing to Titus, he stressed the importance of learning “to engage in good deeds.” God’s people need to learn, to make a conscious effort, and to dedicate themselves to practical things. They needed to “meet pressing needs” and live in ways that were not “unfruitful.”

Paul’s concern was that Titus – and other Christians – might not be showing the visible byproduct of living for Jesus. He wanted them to be sure to yield the right kind of fruit and experience God’s ultimate blessings.

He knew this required practical action. For Titus, that meant visiting Paul at Nicopolis where he had “decided to spend the winter” (v. 12). It also meant providing practical assistance to Zenas and Apollos, so they wouldn’t lack anything.

This was part of the process of being employed in “good deeds” by meeting “pressing needs.” It’s reaching out to others, being a good steward, acting in faith, and using the resources we are given to help others in practical ways.

These principles apply today to you. Remember that God wants to bless you. He wants you to experience abundance. But He also wants you to be a good steward and use you to bless others. You have been blessed so that you might be a blessing to others.