Fruit that Lasts

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Anton Rubinstein seemed to have everything. Described as “one of the greatest pianists of the 19th century,” he also was “an exceptionally prolific composer” and an influential teacher.

Born on this day in the Ukraine in 1829, he gave his first public concert when he was only 10 years old. He traveled throughout Europe and the U.S., becoming a massive celebrity. In particular, he became known for “astonishing” stamina. In a period of nine months, he gave 215 recitals playing music of dazzling diversity.

But history has not been kind to Rubinstein. While he could write music with astonishing speed, few of these compositions stood the test of time. One noted musician observed, “He had not the necessary concentration of patience for a composer.”

Even when generating quality ideas, he often failed to develop them adequately. Another composer observed, “The music is good; you just cannot recognize that it is Rubinstein.”

Today, his music still is played, but not often. His impact, once thought to be great, is considered minimal.

Throughout history, there have been many who, like Anton Rubinstein, became popular for a season but then see their reputation and impact fade away.

Jesus knew how easy it could be to become one of these shooting stars, rising to fame only to quickly fall and be forgotten. Over the centuries, many have achieved quick success but then failed to last. Jesus told His disciples that He chose each one of them and that each of them was to bear “fruit that will last.”

In your life, seek to fulfill God’s purposes for you. Commit your life to being His servant, faithfully investing the resources He has given you, bearing fruit that lasts in the lives of others.