Fruit in Season

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible promises abundant blessings for those who trust in God. Who do not listen to the “counsel of the wicked” or those who are seduced by their clever promises. Who avoid those who are cynical and the lifestyle of sinners, knowing that their apparent prosperity is just temporary.

In contrast, we are blessed as we delight in God’s Word, as we meditate on it “day and night” and make it the basis of our lives.

This lifestyle leads to stability, giving us roots that go deep. We can be nourished and sustained throughout all situations, even drought, and strong enough to survive every storm.

We also are promised a life of productivity. We will bear fruit, just like a firmly planted tree. But this tree only yields fruit “in its season.” This means that we need to understand the seasons of life, and engage in activity appropriate for each season.

If we recognize the importance of the seasons of life, we will understand that there is a time to plant, and a time to reap. But we can reap a harvest only after we have planted seeds in the right soil. After we have watered the soil at the proper time. After we have waited for God’s perfect timing for the harvest.

These Biblical principles are foundational to receiving all God has prepared for you! If you apply them, God promises to reward and bless you. But remember that you have a part to play.

Avoid the lifestyle and thoughts of those who reject God, and don’t be crippled by doubt and disbelief. Continuously delight in God’s Word, and think about it all day. And make sure that you are Sowing Seeds into His Kingdom, ready to Reap in the right season.