The Fruit of Faithful Service

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Nehemiah was devastated when he learned that the walls of Jerusalem were broken down. He felt a burden to do something. But, as an exile in far-off Persia, it wasn’t clear if he could do anything. He did not know what the future might hold.

Amazingly, God used Nehemiah to rebuild the walls. But this success was possible, in part, because of his relationships, his record of faithful service, and the respect he had earned.

Nehemiah clearly had established a strong, personal bond with Persia’s king and queen. We see this when the king asked why Nehemiah’s face was sad. He truly cared. Sharing his burden, Nehemiah was not sure how the king would react. But, after seeking God’s direction, he asked the king to send him to rebuild the walls.

The king’s response must have surprised Nehemiah, for he quickly agreed to the request. He seemed not concerned about the journey, the task, or the risks. He wanted to know when Nehemiah would return and resume his role in his court.

Nehemiah had laid the foundation to accomplish this sensitive task because he had developed a relationship of trust with the king (and queen).

The Bible reminds us that we never know what might develop from our work and relationships. If we follow the example of Nehemiah, we will seek to be faithful servants, on our job, and in our church, home, community, and family. We should want others to trust us.

In your life, seek to serve God in every task. Ask Him to help you to have the attitude of a servant. To work with excellence. To be trustworthy and faithful.