From Despair to Praise

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Nothing seemed to be going right for David. He felt forsaken, and trouble was all around him. He cried to God for answers but heard no response.

He saw how others seemed to receive help, but he felt like a “worm.” He was mocked and insulted because of his faith in God. He had no strength, and God seemed far away. He even felt that “the congregation of the wicked has enclosed me.”

Yet, David still realized that he could depend on God through the troubles he faced. In spite of everything, he still believed that God was his strength.

David declared God’s name and praised Him in the congregation. He decided not to be influenced by the criticism or comments of other people. He realized that God was listening to him, and believed that He would answer his prayers and meet his needs. And, he realized that God still rules everything, that “dominion belongs to the Lord.”

Today, you may face unknowns, or problems that don’t appear to have solutions. You may be anxious and afraid, or feel ridiculed for your faith. Your situation might seem hopeless. Nothing may seem to be going right.

But you do not have to give in to despair. No matter how things appear, God really does care for you. If you trust Him, and remain faithful, He will bring you victory.

Right now, declare His promises in your life. And start praising Him! God was with David when he was going through uncertain times, and God is with you right now.