Fresh Revelation

Fresh Revelation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Traditions. Important parts of cultures and families. The ways they commemorate special days and events. How they remember stories and people who are significant parts of their past. Days circled on the calendar and repeated from generation to generation.

This is never more true than when celebrating Jesus’ birth. The world is filled with traditions, an almost endless litany of special services. Pageants. Dress. Decorations. Foods.

One of those traditions is the Swedish custom of a Saint Lucia ceremony, which begins on this day. This celebration continues a custom that goes back to Lucia, a Christian virgin martyred in the fourth century. For many, it remains a moving, memorable tradition. Other cultures have their own unique ways of commemorating Jesus’ birth.

As we think about these traditions, we can see how, with the passing of time, they can be meaningful for many. Yet, as generations pass, the original inspiration can fade.

This particularly applies to all issues of faith. Over time, these transformational moments that changed our lives can lose their impact and become habits or rituals, events reenacted without passion or purpose. They even can develop a life of their own, different than the original intention.

We see these patterns during every Christmas season. How often ways to commemorate Jesus’ birth have been transformed into diversions, events now dominated by commercial and secular purposes.

We see this pattern throughout the Bible as new generations lost sight of the original inspiration for many special days. This is why we continually are urged not to rest on rituals but to seek to have a personal revelation. To know what we believe. To have a personal relationship with Jesus. A personal understanding of the truths of Scripture.

This Christmas season, make sure that you stay focused on Jesus.