Freedom in Christ

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Many people in Corinth were slaves, as was typical throughout the Roman Empire. In many ways, Rome’s economic system depended upon slaves for mining, farming, and manufacturing. Likewise, slaves were critical to the smooth operations of Rome’s government, military, and many households.

But slaves were not confined to menial tasks. Many were well educated, and some were teachers, accountants, and even doctors. Yet they remained slaves in the flesh. Certainly, many slaves longed to be free. But for everyone, Paul provided a spiritual perspective.

He wanted both slaves and those who were “free” to understand that true freedom was a spiritual condition. In fact, a person could be rich and prosperous, yet still be enslaved to bad habits. A person could be famous and popular, yet still be a prisoner of sin.

At the same time, a person could be a slave in this world, and yet be free in Christ.

On this day, Independence Day in the U.S., we pause to celebrate the freedoms that we have been given. But we also need to realize that, as Christians, we were “bought at a price.” The Bible declares that God wants us to be free from the burdens of sin. Yet to receive this freedom, we need to surrender our lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Today, renew your commitment to Jesus. Proclaim Him your Lord. Live for Him. And celebrate the freedom of the spirit that He brings.