Four Keys to Victory

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Nehemiah had returned to Jerusalem with a mandate and a call from God: Rebuild the walls. Though the opposition was strong, united, and relentless, in the end he and the Jews were victorious.

How did they succeed? We can point to four keys.

First, they learned the importance of being freed from fear.

Second, they realized they could not allow their opposition to intimidate them. Instead, they needed to depend on God. Instead of worrying about threats, they needed to “remember the Lord, who is great and awesome.” They had to put their faith in Him.

Third, they needed to demonstrate unwavering determination. Rather than being passive, they had to stand firmly and boldly, even ready to fight. Their opposition was powerful…the threats were real. So the Jews had to be so committed to God that they wouldn’t allow anyone or anything to distract them.

Fourth, they had to be persistent and determined, ready to step out in faith and take action, moving forward to do God’s work with confidence.

These are the same keys to victory in our lives. If you want victory, follow the example set by Nehemiah. Ask God to deliver you from fear. Don’t allow it to cripple you or creep into your thoughts or mind.

Don’t be afraid of any problem, regardless of how threatening it seems. Refuse to be intimidated by anything or anyone. Be prepared to stand for God’s Kingdom, no matter what the cost or what other people might say or do. Don’t just know the Word, but put it into action.