Forgetting God

Forgetting God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

For centuries, Rome dominated the Western world. Over the years, they faced various adversities but always emerged victorious. But gradually Rome stopped being vigilant and became complacent, taking their dominance for granted.

In 476 AD, a Germanic tribe marched into Rome where they deposed Emperor Romulus Augustulus. The Romans that remained fled at the sight of these barbarians. Although Rome was to remain influential, this in effect marked the end of the Roman Empire.

Throughout time, other nations have been dominant, with powerful armies and unlimited advantages. In business, massive corporations have appeared to be invincible. Champions in many arenas have seemed unchallengeable. But history proves that nothing lasts forever.

The Bible is filled with warnings about these patterns. God knows how easily we can be corrupted by pride and lose perspective. He warned the Israelites about the consequences of ignoring Him and depending on themselves. Sadly, they did not take Him seriously and gradually became guilty of pride and complacency. Other nations have made the same mistakes.

Through these examples, we see what can happen when we ignore God’s Word and take His blessings for granted. Seek to stay spiritually vigilant. Humble yourself before God. Ask Him to give you greater sensitivity to His Word. Seek to be sensitive to His principles and alert to His warnings. Take Him seriously.