Following Our Own Gods

Following Our Own Gods

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The idea was planted when five men from Dan traveled to Ephraim, where they stayed with a man named Micah. They were intrigued to learn that Micah had hired his own priest. To them, this seemed like a great idea. This meant they didn’t need to consult God or be concerned about His Word. They could develop their own interpretation and do things their own way.

After returning home, they convinced other Danites to join them in Ephraim. Stopping at Micah’s house, they made an offer to his priest, who agreed to work for them.

Once these Danites had their own priest, they began implementing their own ideas, not caring about God or His Word. They waged war against the local population and built their own city. With their own priest, they could justify anything.

Having their own priest meant they could develop their own justifications, interpretations, and rules. They could decide what was right and wrong. God’s Word suddenly didn’t seem to matter.

This tragic pattern began when a Levite did things his way and hired his own priest. In the process, Israel became polluted with a self-centered religion that ignored God’s Word.

This story reminds us of why it is important not to be governed by our own subjective interpretations or desires. We must know God’s Word and surrender our lives to Him. Don’t pollute your life with compromise. Seek God. Submit your life to Him. Obey His Word.