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God commissioned Ezekiel to be a prophet to the nation of Israel, but He wanted Ezekiel to be warned: Over and over in these few verses, God described how he was being sent to a people who were rebellious. This word was used repeatedly here and elsewhere in the book of Ezekiel. Clearly, God wanted Ezekiel to understand his audience and to be ready for the negative reaction his ministry would receive.

Ezekiel needed to realize that he was not involved in a popularity contest. He could not be distracted by the reactions of other people or worry whether others would reject him. He had to focus on God and stay obedient to His directions.

Ezekiel also needed to be warned that he should not be affected by the rebellious attitudes of the people around him. He needed to retain a pure relationship with God and continue to obey Him, regardless of what other people said or did.

These same lessons apply to you. People around you may want to go their own way, set their own standards, and rebel against God and His laws. You must not allow this rebellion to infect your life. Focus on God and fill your mind and heart with His Word.

Do not be discouraged if you experience resistance or feel rejected. Your reward will come from being faithful and obedient to God and His Word.