Into the Fish’s Belly

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

From our perspective, it seems obvious that it was futile for Jonah to run from God. But, if we stop and think, we can wonder how we might have acted if we were in his position.

In fact, reflecting on our own lives, there may have been times when we have run away from Him. We might have resisted His will, ignored His Word, or filled our minds with excuses and justification.

Making this more timely, ask God to consider your life, right now? Are you being honest with Him? Are you truly listening to His voice? Are you reading His Word with ears to hear? In practical terms, are you seeking first His Kingdom, or clinging to your own will?

As He did with Jonah, God may speak with you in dramatic ways. If you resist or go your own way, He may use the stormy seas of life to get your attention.

If you, like Jonah, ever find yourself backed into a corner, turn your mind and heart to God. Stop listening to the voices of the world and seek Him anew. Let Him speak to you through His Word. Be honest with yourself, and with Him.

In these moments, if you sense that you have been running away, realize that God stands ready to forgive and give you another chance, just as He did with Jonah. The answer is not to run or make excuses, but to obey, and trust God for the outcome.

Today, humble yourself before God. Open your heart and seek to be honest with Him. Listen to the leading of His Spirit. Focus on the truths of His Word. Stay in His presence. Listen to Him, sensitive to His Spirit. Be ready to trust Him. To serve Him. To rest in Him.