First Place

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Something happened. Everything changed for God’s people, and God’s blessings began to flow in a new way. What made the difference?

They had made mistakes, and God considered everything they offered “unclean.” But there still was seed in their barns. There were trees and vineyards. In spite of all their work, they had not been fruitful or productive.

But then, they decided to dedicate their resources to rebuilding the Temple. God’s “House.” From that day, He promised to bless them. In other words, a change took place when they placed God first. When they gave Him priority, and committed their resources to His Kingdom. He even told them to mark the day when this change took place.

These principles apply to each of us as individuals. He stands ready to bless us, as we seek first His Kingdom (Matthew 6:33). When we Sow into this Kingdom with the resources He has given us.

The Bible pictures our lives as being like a “barn” filled with “seeds.” In fact, our lives are full of “seeds.” The resources and talents we have been given. These seeds are full of potential. But, to receive the full benefit, they cannot remain in the barn. They must be put to use and planted.

These principles apply to you. Make sure that you place Him first in your life, and that you seek first His Kingdom, Sowing with the resources you have been given. You can expect His blessings when you do.

Remember, He can change your life in a moment. Dare to believe Him today.