Firm and Fortified

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God had given Jeremiah difficult assignments, to deliver His messages to people who often would not listen. At times, he was attacked, even though he was just His messenger. How easy it would have been for him to compromise. To give up. To run away. To become discouraged. To complain.

He asked God to show him how to stay focused, and not feel the pressure to compromise. How could he be freed from worry and fear, and stay faithful? The foundation was a strong relationship.

He was not following a set of rules or maintaining a religion but had a real relationship with God Himself. It was a priority to spend time with Him. To remember that God was his strength. He was not to murmur or complain but faithfully deliver His messages. And he was to keep himself pure.

If Jeremiah did these things, God would protect and deliver him. He might experience opposition and difficulties, but God promised that he would be like “a fortified, bronze wall.” So strong that no attack would prevail.

Like Jeremiah, you may have difficult assignments and face challenges. You may have questions and doubts. You may be tempted to compromise, or feel like giving up. Learn from Jeremiah. Focus on God and your relationship with Him. Become more sensitive to His Spirit, and fill your mind and heart with His Word. Don’t worry, but obey.

As you interact in the world, seek to trust Him. Walk by faith and stay faithful. Don’t gossip or complain, but find meaning and reassurance from serving God. Let Him give you the strength to be like “a fortified, bronze wall.”