A Fire for God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

James McGready helped inspire the great campmeetings and revivals that took place in America beginning in 1800. It was said that he had “a voice like thunder.”

McGready had zeal for the things of God and called men and women to put aside sin and dedicate their lives to Him. People who knew him said that this zeal was inspired by his humility and his intimate relationship with God. He truly loved God, and also the things of God.

He also was concerned about hypocrisy and deception, which he felt were widespread in the Church. Looking back at his own life, he realized how easy it was to have a “false foundation” based on religious traditions and customs. He sought to inspire people to give everything to God, not compromising with the world or holding back.

This passion continued throughout his life. In 1816, he preached a sermon called, “The Character, History, and End of the Fool.” After finishing his message, he fell to his knees and prayed for the audience. When he closed, he arose to his feet and said with a loud voice, “O blessed be God, I this day feel the same holy fire that filled my soul 16 years ago, during the glorious revival of 1800.” The fire of the Holy Spirit burned continually in his heart and swept throughout the audience. The impact was dramatic, and many lives were changed.

Today, God looks for men and women with that same kind of zeal and passion. He seeks people who are willing to dedicate themselves to impacting lives for the Gospel, allowing Him to kindle a holy fire within them.

Ask God to give you that zeal. Cry out to Him to give you that holy fire. Burn with a new passion for Souls and for His Kingdom.