Finishing Your Course

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was with a sense of finality that Paul wrote to Timothy. Knowing that “the time of my departure has come,” Paul wanted to share important truths that Timothy would need after Paul was gone.

Paul also paused to reflect about his life. He could look back with confidence that he would receive “the crown of righteousness.” He knew he had been involved in “the good fight.” He had battled for God and His Kingdom, struggling against the enemies of the Gospel.

Paul had not been distracted, but instead remained focused on the mission God had given him. He always had sought to serve Him. He was confident that Jesus had been his Lord, and that he had been a faithful steward of the resources he had been given. As he reflected on his God-given assignments, Paul realized he had “finished the course” and “kept the faith.”

As you think about Paul’s confidence, pause to think about your life. Are you certain about God’s call for you? Do you know the work for which you were called? Do you have a clear sense of the mission He has given you to complete?

Are you “fighting” the right causes and involved in the right issues? Are you spending your time and resources in the right way? Are you distracted or sidetracked in ways that keep you from fulfilling God’s plan and purposes? In your life, can you say, like Paul, that you have “finished the course”? Or do you have a sense that there is more for you to do?

If you have a sense that you haven’t finished your course, commit yourself to focus on these God-given goals. What are the things that you have not finished? What more does God want you to do for Him?