Filled With Wonder

Filled With Wonder

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Everyone who heard the shepherds tell about the birth of Jesus was filled with wonder. But Mary reacted differently, treasuring and pondering these things.

The shepherds were not wrong to express joy or to react in such a visible way. But perhaps Mary had a sense that her Son’s life would not be so uniformly well received. She responded as only a mother could, reflecting on Jesus’ miraculous birth, what was to come, and what these events might mean.

She also had to have been filled with a unique sense of the overwhelming mystery and miracle that had taken place. The shepherds could rejoice, but they also could return to their normal routine. Mary could not do that; she was the mother of the Son of God.

Mary knew how He had been conceived. She had carried Him for nine months in her womb and gone through the pain of childbirth. For her, Jesus was not a teacher or prophet, a theory or a symbol. He was her flesh and blood.

Today, ponder what Jesus means to you. Think about the implications of His Word and His example. Treasure the things He has done for you. Think about the long-term impact. Consider what it means to be His disciple. And ponder the mysteries of His birth, life, death, and resurrection.

Allow God to overwhelm you with the depth of His love and the mysteries and miracles of Christmas.