Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God knew everything the nation of Israel had done. He saw how they had been “faithless” and worshiped other gods. He wondered, having realized that they had sinned, would they come to their senses? No. They did not “return.” In fact, their example became a harmful influence on neighboring Judah.

To some extent, Judah seemed to be aware of her mistakes, and, in a superficial way, returned to God. But He knew that this was not a sincere repentance. They returned, but only in “deception.”

Israel had been “faithless” but was “more righteous than treacherous Judah.” God called them to return to Him. He promised to forgive them, reminding them that He was “gracious” and that He would “not be angry forever.”

What did He require? To stop their charade, and recognize the truth about their lives. To acknowledge their sins and admit they had not obeyed Him. To be honest with themselves, and with Him. To recognize that their hearts were filled with deception.

Here we see the cry of God’s heart toward not just His people of old but of us today. He looks at our lives, and knows the truth. What we really think. Our real attitudes. What we really have done. He knows when we have failed to be honest. When we have tried to run away and hide. When we have failed to acknowledge our sins.

We might be able to fool others, and justify ourselves in our own mind. But God cannot be fooled. He knows the truth. He is ready to forgive and bless us. But we first must humble ourselves before Him. We must stop pretending, and “return to Him with all of our hearts.” To put aside all deception, and be honest with Him. And demonstrate our sincerity with real change.