Fellow Soldiers

Fellow Soldiers

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

To Paul, Archippus was not just another Christian. He was a “fellow soldier.” A warrior. A man who recognized that believers are in a battle, that we have a real enemy and need to be armed and ready, spiritually prepared to fight. Archippus was willing to stand alongside Paul and other believers in this battle.

By calling attention to Archippus, Paul implied that others may have believed in Jesus but didn’t approach life as soldiers. They may have attended church but weren’t actively engaged in spiritual warfare.

Today, many Christians don’t have this commitment. They don’t seem to realize that we, too, are in a real war. We fight an enemy who will do anything to defeat us. He is the father of lies and seeks to distract us, destroy our testimony, and rob us of God’s blessings.

Remember that you are a soldier in this battle. You have a real enemy who seeks to destroy and kill. He doesn’t play fair, but will use any weapon he can to attack you: emotions, finances, health, and mind. If you let down your guard, he will attack you as well as your family and friends.

Commit yourself to being a soldier in God’s army. Submit your life to Jesus, our Commander-in-Chief. Seek to stay sensitive to His Holy Spirit. Obey His Word. Serve in unity with other “fellow soldiers,” your brothers and sisters in Christ.