Feeling Helpless

Feeling Helpless

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Do you ever get the feeling of being helpless? Of being in situations where nothing seems to be going right? When it just feels that there isn’t anything you can do to make a difference? It’s easy to become discouraged, anxious, depressed. We can feel stretched when we realize the limits of our abilities and how little we really can do on our own.

We need to turn to God in these moments of helplessness. Not in a shallow, superficial way but deeply, profoundly, passionately. We need to surrender completely to His will and admit before Him that we need His help. We are lost without Him. These are moments to practice the principles and promises we find in the Bible. We need to trust in Him with our whole being and not to lean on our understanding. We need to acknowledge Him and have faith in Him.

We remember how Jesus responded when He looked at the crowds who followed Him, He saw helpless people. They were like sheep without a shepherd. Seeing their helplessness, Jesus “had compassion on them.” And He was ready to provide what they needed and lift their spirits.

In those moments when you feel helpless, you can turn to Jesus. As He did with the crowds during His earthly ministry, you can be sure that He has compassion for you. He will provide what you need.