Favor from Seeking God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

There was great pessimism. To many Christians in Southern California, it seemed that nothing would change. Nonetheless, Frank Bartleman, who had become “greatly burdened for souls,” began joining with others to pray and seek God.

Bartleman realized that some would be skeptical. He knew that “most believers find it easier to criticize than to pray.” Convinced that believers must be serious about seeking God, he declared that “the depth of revival will be determined exactly by the depth of the spirit of repentance.”

When these believers started praying together in the spring of 1905, “no one seemed to have much faith for anything out of the ordinary.” But gradually everything changed. As they humbled themselves and prayed, “a spiritual atmosphere” was created.

But they needed to be willing to lay everything else aside. And they discovered that their “self-life” and normal “religious” activities actually could prevent the move of God. In fact, “one’s religious service” could be “the greatest hindrance to the blessing and favor of God.”

Real favor came as these men and women made a total, life-changing commitment. It was this commitment that led to the Azusa Street revivals that swept Southern California and spread throughout the world.

In our time, God still can perform mighty miracles and bring about great revivals. He still can turn the hearts of kings and nations. And He still can grant favor and supernaturally open doors that seem closed.

What does it take for this to happen? God is looking for people with the same commitment and passion that inspired the Azusa Street revivals. He’s searching for those who will pray and believe, those who aren’t crippled by doubt or discouragement. His favor will be released for those who are sensitive to His Spirit, who humble themselves and passionately seek His Kingdom.