Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In His Word, God has given us patterns that lead to success. These patterns always are true and apply in every situation. If we want the results He promises, we simply need to know and apply His principles.

So, what is God’s blueprint for success? It is a life filled with His favor. In fact, the Bible makes the incredible promise that when we embrace “loyalty and kindness,” we “will find favor with both God and people.” Why is this important? Because favor can change every part of our lives. It opens amazing doors and results in God’s blessings.

If we want these results, what do we need to do? It starts by being kind and loyal. The Hebrew words here tell us that this also means being trustworthy and reliable. If we have a reputation for honesty and integrity, other people come to know that they can count on us. They see we are faithful to keep our promises.

Many people want success but are not willing to pay the price. The choice is up to us!

If we want this success and favor, we must have a consistent lifestyle. This loyalty, kindness, and reliability are to be part of our attire, as if tied around our neck as a reminder. They are to be ingrained into our character, as if written deep within our hearts.

Do you want favor in your life—favor with God and with the people you come in contact with? Do you need favor in your finances and relationships…in your church and community?

Then apply this life-changing Biblical principle. Cultivate a lifestyle of kindness and loyalty. Seek to be faithful in keeping your promises. Demonstrate reliability and consistency. And ask God to help you to be good testimony for the Gospel.