Faulty Memories

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In the midst of the moment, we might feel that our experiences are so vivid that we will recall every second of every event. But, in fact, our minds are like sieves, forgetting much of those experiences.

These facts were confirmed recently by the University of Aarhus in Denmark. Their study demonstrated that memories often are different than what actually takes place. People of all ages often forget or lose perspective on events of the distant past. As we age, we tend to associate important events with events from our younger years. And what we think of as our happiest or saddest moments may be a “product of memory,” not really what happened.

These results should help remind us that our minds and memories are faulty. We don’t remember things perfectly. Tomorrow we might forget the pains of today, and can reshape our own recollection of events and experiences.

Yet our faulty memories can impact our spiritual lives, and our attitudes toward life, and God. We can allow our thoughts to be shaped by the way we remember things, not by His timeless Word. We might remember difficulties but forget how He delivered us.

We see these patterns when David was in the wilderness of Judah, facing enormous problems. Instead of thinking about the troubles he faced, he focused on God, meditating on Him “in the night watches.” As a result, God transformed his life. Then, as David looked back, he realized that God had helped and saved him.

Today, remember that your memories are imperfect. Instead, focus on God and His Word. It always is true. Stand on His Promises. You can depend on Him!