Faultless and Irreproachable

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Paul said that all of us once were in a condition in which we were separated from God. In fact, we were “estranged and alienated from Him” (Amplified). Because of sin, we did things that displeased Him and violated His commandments. Our minds were filled with thoughts that displeased Him. But everything changed because of Jesus.

Yet, even after we are born-again, we still can suffer from the impact of guilt. We can find it difficult to feel the joy of the Lord, sensing that we are alienated from God because of things we have said and done.

But the Bible reminds us that we can be reconciled to God because of Jesus. Now, we can be presented “holy and faultless and irreproachable” in His presence (Amplified).

The Greek word here emphasizes that God offers a restoration that is complete. We are not just somewhat reconciled, but have a relationship that is totally restored, without any separation!

Today, you still may feel the lingering impact of sin. You might have said or done something that hurt or offended someone else. You might have had thoughts that you know were displeasing to God. You might have made mistakes and felt guilt. You may feel distanced and even separated from God.

The Bible promises that you do not have to be separated or carry the burden of sin. You can have your relationship with God completely restored. In fact, He wants to restore you completely so you can fellowship with Him, and enjoy complete freedom.

Confess your sins to Him, and receive His forgiveness, His healing, and His complete and total restoration! Accept all that Jesus has done for you!