Fascinated, but Not Committed

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Herod liked to listen to John the Baptist. There was something attractive about his message. He seemed convinced that John was different—that John “was a righteous and holy man.” Though some urged Herod to eliminate John, “he kept him safe.”

John seemed to mystify Herod. He was very “perplexed” when he heard John. Herod just didn’t know what to do, and there is no indication that this interaction made a decisive difference in his life. Eventually, Herod had John beheaded, but only because of a promise he had made to Herodius’ daughter.

Many people are like Herod. They say they’re Christians. They go to church, and they admire the teachings of Jesus. They may like to listen to inspiring messages and may feel moved by Christian music.

Yet, like Herod, many of these people are only listening. They are intrigued, curious, and inspired, but they aren’t changed. They aren’t ready to accept the message. Ultimately, they move on and never make a firm commitment.

However, some listen and actually decide to follow Jesus. They are willing to make a firm commitment. They realize the message of the Gospel is not just for people like John, but for themselves. They don’t have to be mystified, puzzled, or afraid. They can have their eyes and ears opened and receive divine understanding. They don’t have to be spectators, but they, too, can have their lives changed by this Gospel message.

Today, remember that you have a responsibility to share the message of Christ. As you share, pray that God will open people’s eyes and ears so they will see a difference in your life, believe the Gospel, and make a firm decision to follow Jesus.