False Prophets

False Prophets

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Moses warned the Israelites that false prophets or a “dreamer of dreams” might arise among them. Such people could be particularly destructive because they could appear to be authentic while spreading untruths. God’s people needed to on guard and ready for these kinds of deceptions.

Moses also urged them to realize that God Himself might test them by allowing them to face these false prophets to see whether they loved Him or not. Why would He do this?

God is concerned with our true character. He sometimes allows us to face circumstances that cause us to ask questions. He wants us to search our hearts and minds. We need to know in our hearts what we really believe. Are we truly obedient to Him? Do we seek first His Kingdom? Do we know the truth? Or are we willing to follow a “dreamer of dreams” who lures us away from God with attractive ideas?

You can be sure that the world today is full of deceivers and that deception can come at any time from any source – TV programs, the internet, social media, celebrities, and even friends.

Make sure you are ready for the deception that you will face. Arm yourself by filling your life with God’s Word. Seek an intimate relationship with God Himself. Pray and ask Him for discernment. Commit your questions and uncertainties to Him.