Faithfulness and Obedience

Faithfulness and Obedience

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesDecember 21, 20182 Minutes

Luke’s account of Jesus’ birth opens with a focus on Zechariah and Elizabeth. To people of their time, this couple may have seemed relatively unimportant. He appears to have been an ordinary priest, going about doing his duty, while Elizabeth was just his wife. An elderly couple, they were known for not having any children.

But God saw something different. He was interested in their character. Not their rank or reputation, but their heart. To Him, they were “righteous” and “walking blamelessly” (v. 6). The Biblical account describes how Zechariah was concerned about fulfilling his responsibilities, being faithful, observing every requirement.

In fact, an angel appeared to him specifically while he was doing his duty, “serving as priest before God in the appointed order of his priestly division” (v. 8). This was not a special occasion but, on the surface, an ordinary day, a day when he had been “chosen by lot to enter [the sanctuary of] the temple of the Lord” (v. 9). He was just doing his job faithfully.

Zechariah may have been a priest, but the Bible tells us that Elizabeth was just as important, for “they both were righteous” (v. 6).

These were the characteristics God was looking for, the exact parents who would be entrusted with a special son, John the Baptist. They would provide him with the perfect example of parents who were faithful to God. Who were careful to please Him and do His will. Who made it a priority to know His Word.

These are the kind of people God looks for. People ready to serve Him throughout their lives. People who seek to obey Him faithfully, whether or not others are aware of their actions. People who seek to do what is right, pleasing God.