Faithful Stewardship

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Why did John D. Rockefeller become one of history’s most successful businessmen? Some pointed to his business savvy or negotiating prowess, or his drive or attention to detail. But throughout his life, Rockefeller gave this simple answer: “It has seemed as if I was favored and got increase because the Lord knew that I was going to turn around and give it back.”

As his biographer, Ron Chernow, described, Rockefeller believed he had received such “spectacular bounty” because he was “so faithful in his stewardship.”

A lifelong Believer, Rockefeller grew up in the church. Later, some would question some of his business decisions, but he remained committed to his faith, regularly attending services and prayer meetings. He studied the Bible, taught Sunday school, and even served as his church’s Sunday school superintendent for more than 30 years.

Rockefeller said he learned Biblical principles about giving early in life. He believed that he “was divinely favored and that God had given him his money.” Careful about the way he practiced his stewardship, he was so generous that for many years he covered half of his church’s annual budget.

The Bible describes how God’s principles apply not just to a select few, but to everyone. Jesus described how God has given each person unique resources, and how He is looking for “the faithful and sensible steward”—people who are faithful with the resources they have been given.

In your life, remember that God looks to see what you do with the resources you have been given. Ask Him to help you to be a good steward. Invest the Seeds He has given you into His Kingdom. He will bless you for your faithfulness!