Faith & Works Together

Faith & Works Together

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Faith and works are often pictured somewhat as opposites. Those who emphasize faith can feel at odds with those who stress works. Those emphasizing works can feel that those who emphasize faith are out of balance.

However, the reality is that faith and works are interrelated. In fact, both faith and works are necessary for a victorious living.

The Bible demonstrates this principle by examining the life of Abraham. Yes, he was a man of faith, but in fact, “his faith was made complete by what he did.” Faith and works were both essential elements of his life.

In fact, faith and works were “working together.” The Greek word here is the source of the English word “synergy,” which literally means “to work together.”

James was saying that faith and works need to be synergistic in our lives. We need both of them. Our faith is made stronger as we put Biblical principles into action. And our works become more genuine and have more impact as we increase in faith.

It is true that we are saved not through our works but on faith alone. But this does not mean that our actions are not important.

Today, ask God to help you be a person of faith. Stand on His Word. Believe His promises. But also seeking to put those principles into action with faith and works in harmony and synergy.