Failing, Falling Short

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In many ways, the world measures success by our accomplishments. To some in this “survival of the fittest” atmosphere, there is only one acceptable outcome: winning at any cost.

History is dominated by those who win battles, while those who fail to “win” often are quickly forgotten. Their failures can be considered career-ending moments. Business often is pictured as a battlefield, rewarding those who “win,” and punishing those who fail to achieve their goals.

But the Bible teaches a different perspective. In fact, Romans reminds us that failure plays a central role in our journey of faith. In fact, this can be a spiritual necessity.

The Bible is filled with examples of people who were flawed and could be considered failures by the world. But, over and over, the Bible shows how God used their failures to help them learn important lessons and grow spiritually.

One of these “failures” was Peter. Jesus warned him that he would deny knowing Him three times. Completely confident in himself, Peter didn’t think this was possible. But, as Jesus warned, Peter later did deny Him (Luke 22:31).

Peter was devastated by his failure. But Jesus didn’t reject him; in fact this “failure” led to greater spiritual maturity and helped Peter become a powerful church leader.

In his letter to the Romans, Paul stated the defining principle: The fact is that all have “sinned.” The Greek word means to miss the mark. In many ways, we all fall short and fail. But this truth is not meant to make us feel defeated, but to realize our human limits. To realize that none of us are perfect. To drive us to depend on Jesus.

Have you ever fallen short? Made a mistake? Missed the mark? Commit these “failures” to Jesus. Seek His strength. And learn to depend on the power of Spirit.