Face-to-Face with Satan

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It takes just a few seconds to read the story of Jesus’ temptation. But this temptation lasted 40 days! What must this have been like?

Jesus was physically weak and hungry, at the extreme point of His human vulnerability. He was tempted to use His spiritual powers for personal pleasure and earthly rewards.

But Jesus recognized that He was being tempted. He understood Satan and his nature, and was familiar with his motives and techniques. He was aware of the temporary nature of His circumstances and the difficult things He was going through.

Jesus had spent time fasting and seeking God. He was so in tune with the Father that He had absolute clarity about His situation.

Jesus also knew God’s Word. As Satan tempted Him through various scriptures, Jesus countered every argument by quoting the Word. He could not be fooled by Satan’s deceptive interpretations. And He knew that He was under no obligation to give in to these temptations.

Finally, Jesus knew that He had power over Satan. He recognized that Satan had limits. And today His followers have that same power and authority to resist and overcome Satan.

In human terms, Jesus stood alone, face-to-face with Satan. But He was able to draw on the power of the Spirit. And because He knew the Word, Jesus understood His rights and authority. Confronted with Satan’s lies, He was able to hold fast to the truth.

Many Christians are defeated by Satan, falling to his temptations. Many are “ignorant of his schemes” (2 Corinthians 2:11) and don’t associate their troubles with satanic opposition. They are oblivious to the spiritual source of their problems.

As Believers, we need to realize that we will be attacked. We need to know our enemy, and we must be prepared to defeat him with our spiritual weapons and armor.

Ask God to help you be ready. Be alert and equipped, aware and bold.