Expecting Answers

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

As a young Christian, Charles Finney watched other Believers, and listened to their words. He observed that “the prayers I had listened to from week to week were not, that I could see, being answered.” In fact, nothing seemed to happen: “In their prayer and conference meetings they would continually confess that they were making no progress in securing revival.”

But the Bible presented a totally different picture. He read the promises of Jesus that prayers would be answered. That all things were possible through prayer. That, if we ask, it will be given to us.

Finney came to realize that “the reason their prayers were not answered was because they did not comply with the revealed condition upon which God had promised to answer prayer.” They did not “pray in faith” and “did not expect God to give them the things they asked for.”

Finney learned the power of believing prayer. His life became characterized by believing prayer. By prayer that expected answers. By prayer that knew that God heard and answered. As a result, he began to see mighty miracles and thousands of salvations. Revival came.

Today, and every day, millions of people will pray. They will pray about many things. Personal problems. The state of the world. Their finances and relationships. Decisions they must make. But how will they pray? How many will pray with conviction and confidence? How many truly expect their prayers to be answered?

How about you? Do you really believe that God answers prayer? That He hears your prayers, and answers them? Banish doubt. Dare to pray with faith and boldness. Expect that He will answer your prayers!