Excelling Still More

Excelling Still More

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Paul was pleased with what he heard about the Thessalonians. They were living in ways indicating that they had grasped the essence of the Gospel. But he also knew they still needed to improve.

There were lifestyle issues about which they needed to be sensitive and areas where they could be misled. They had to be aware of Satan s traps and realize how harmful these could be. They needed to become more alert, stronger in the Spirit and better equipped to avoid dangers. To seek to experience even more of God’s blessings.

While the Thessalonians were committed to walk in the right manner, Paul also knew how easily they could stagnate. He knew how much more God had prepared for them. He wanted them to excel still more. The Greek words Paul used indicated they could superabound. Go far beyond what they had been doing.

It was important that they keep growing. Always seeking to please God. Always being teachable and willing to learn. Always sensitive to His correction and leading.

Paul might well say the same things about us. He might be pleased about some aspects of our lives, while reminding us that we, too, can excel still more. There is more we can learn. More ways we can grow in Christ and be more refined by the Spirit. More ways we can be better testimonies and impact more lives for the Gospel. More ways we can superabound and excel still more.