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There were many reasons Jewish leaders opposed the Gospel. This was a doctrine that they felt violated their theology, with its rules and traditions. The truths of the Gospel did not correspond with the conclusions of scholars, who over centuries had developed “correct” interpretations of the Law and Prophets.

In many ways, the Roman culture around them had the same objections. This highly religious culture had its sacred texts that had been consulted for centuries, and their special class of people who were skilled at interpreting the signs and these “sacred” writings.

Indeed, there were many ways to respond to the Gospel message as Peter and John found when they stood before Jewish leaders in Jerusalem. But they had no explanation for “the man who had been healed standing with them.” This was the clear evidence of the power of God in operation.

In a similar way, when Moses stood before the leaders of Egypt, Pharaoh had an answer for every argument. His magicians were able to display some forms of supernatural power and call on their ancient wisdom. But neither Pharaoh nor his magicians had a response when Moses displayed God’s power through a series of plagues. They realized that this was “the finger of God”(Exodus 8:18-19).

Here we see the importance of the power of God as a central part of the Gospel. Yes, preaching and teaching are vital. It is critical that we have a personal relationship with Jesus, and that we know and obey God’s Word.

But, like Peter and John, we must be willing to step out in faith and believe God for displays of His supernatural power. Power to heal and perform miracles. To demonstrate that this is not just a religion, but a relationship with God Almighty. And that our faith is true, going beyond what the natural mind can comprehend.