Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Enthusiasm. As legendary advertising specialist John Caples reflected, enthusiasm made a vital difference in the work of copywriters. Without the inspiration of genuine enthusiasm, words lacked conviction and authority.

Readers could tell the difference when a writer lacked enthusiasm. But when a writer genuinely was enthusiastic about a product, the result was a higher degree of persuasion, and much more believable work.

Caples told the story of a young man who came to his office to sell stock for a new company (with products for which Caples had little interest). But he found himself totally captivated. Why? Because of the young man’s enthusiasm.

In the flesh, the man had little “personality” and little sales experience. Yet “he gave me some of the most compelling sales talks I ever heard.” What made him so compelling? His enthusiasm. He believed “completely and implicitly” in his company and product. “He had bought it himself. He had sold it to his friends.” He was “absolutely convinced” that it would work and increase in value.

This is the kind of enthusiasm that can transform our Christian lives, and the impact of our testimony. This is not fake or pretend emotionalism. It is not a formula and cannot be reproduced by reciting phrases.

This begins with a firm conviction that Jesus has changed our lives. With hearts overflowing with gratitude and a sincerity that is contagious. With genuine honesty, sharing this glorious truth with others.

Just think about the jailer in Philippi. He watched Paul and Silas, listening to them praising God, even through an earthquake. He was totally convinced by their witness. Their testimony was genuine. He wanted what they had.

Think about your testimony. Do others really notice what Jesus has done for you?