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Composer Edward Elgar was exhausted. After a day of teaching, he sat down at the piano, playing with a spirit of casual improvisation. When his wife indicated how much she liked the tune he was developing, Elgar realized its potential. Later he decided to develop this theme further.

Eventually, he would compose 14 variations, each marked with a mysterious clue. Elgar called the tune “Enigma.” When the work debuted in 1899, Elgar intensified the mystery, declaring, “The Enigma I will not explain. Its ‘dark saying’ must be left unguessed.” The piece became his Enigma Variations.

Over the years, the inspiration for each variation has been identified. Yet the tune remains a mystery. When Elgar died in 1934, the enigma remained unexplained. What is that enigma? Many theories have been offered. Yet the answer never has been discovered.

The world is filled with mysteries that provide the basis of many books, films, and TV shows. They baffle and perplex us, but there is real satisfaction when a mystery has been solved.

The Bible reminds us that there are many things about life we may not understand. Things that are enigmatic. But the Bible also provides us an approach to help understand these mysteries. The key is found in our relationship with God. Filling our minds with His Word. Having an active prayer life. Being in tune with His Spirit. Being bold to ask Him in faith for answers.

Do you face any mysteries? Call on God in faith. Have confidence in Him. Trust Him for the answers you need.