Empty Words

Empty Words

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

As He looked at His people, God could see that many of them were ignoring His Word, acting in ways that were displeasing to Him. Yet they deceived themselves and became convinced they were right and didn’t need to make any changes.

But God sent Jeremiah to warn them and correct their false assumptions. He communicated emphatically that they needed to “amend [their] ways and [their] deeds.” Some simply refused to listen to His messages. In fact, they didn’t feel that they needed to change at all. They thought they just needed to say that the building before them was the Lord’s temple (as if that absolved them of any guilt). God felt that they were missing the point.

How easy it can be for us to make the same kinds of assumptions, as if we can make things different just through good intentions, empty words, and our own justifications. The Bible consistently shows us that God looks for hearts that truly are sensitive to His Spirit. He looks for people who demonstrate their commitment by the words they speak and the things they do, people who recognize when they have sinned and are ready to ask for forgiveness.

If we desire to make a real and lasting impact, God tells us we need to turn away from sin, to seek Him, to be sensitive to His leading, and to apply the principles in His Word.