Embracing God’s Call

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Saul’s uncle said . . .‘Where did you go?’ And he said, ‘To look for the donkeys . . .’ Saul’s uncle said, ‘Please tell me what Samuel said to you.’ . . .But he did not tell him about the matter of the kingdom which Samuel had mentioned.” 1 Samuel 10:14-16 NASB

A major change had taken place, as Saul was anointed as Israel’s first king. This was an amazing development, and a huge honor.

In anticipation of this transformation, the Spirit of the Lord had come upon him. He had given him specific directions and events unfolded just as God described. When Saul returned home, his uncle asked where he had been. Saul told him about his journey but said nothing about being anointed king.

Why, we wonder, would Saul have withheld this information? Did he feel embarrassed? Overwhelmed? Intimidated? Did he feel his uncle would laugh, or not believe him? Did he not want to face the reality of being king?

Whatever the motivation, this action reveals much about Saul. God had chosen him to be king but he still seemed reluctant to accept the full impact of that calling. What was the right response? To accept the position to which he had been called. To trust in God. To move forward in the power of His Spirit.

In similar ways, some Believers seem reluctant to embrace God’s call, or accept their God-given destiny. Aware of their own weaknesses, they may feel disqualified or unworthy. Some lack confidence. Others feel intimidated, perhaps even reluctant to share their testimony, afraid of what others might say.

Today, remember to focus on God’s call on your life. No matter your background, He can give you everything you need. Commit your way to Him. Be confident that He will guide you, equip you, and enable you to complete your mission. You can be bold and confident, as long as you trust in Him.


Prayer: Father, thank You for Your calling on my life. Help me to fulfill Your call. Thank You for the resources and power I need. I trust in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.