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Felix Mendelssohn has been called history’s most brilliant prodigy. Born on this day in 1809, he excelled as a composer, pianist, organist, and conductor. He also brought light to neglected composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach.

Perhaps his crowning achievement was composing the oratorio Elijah. Premiering in 1846, this oratorio tells the story of the prophet Elijah. Mendelssohn provides listeners with the whole story of the prophet – the miracles, his determination to serve God, his boldness in the face of opposition, God comforting those who follow his commandments.

The opening aria sets the tone for the work. We hear God’s stern warning that He will send a drought as punishment for Israel’s idolatry. The tone enhances Mendelssohn’s dramatic overture that underscores the impact of drought.

The drama intensifies when a chariot drawn by fiery horses appears in a whirlwind and takes Elijah into the heavens. Mendelssohn drew his text from Malachi and Isaiah, including, “Then shall your light break forth” (Isaiah 58:8), which anticipates the coming of the Messiah.

As Mendelssohn learned, this biblical story of Elijah has a dramatic impact. It still speaks to people of our time with a profound message that God is the Supreme Judge. He is more powerful than any other force. He blesses and protects those who serve Him. We can trust Him.