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Several times throughout his life, Abram had dramatic interactions with God. But something unique happened when he was 99 years old. God revealed Himself to Abram in a new way. In fact, He revealed a new name. The Lord said He was El-Shaddai, a Hebrew name that means the almighty or most powerful God.

This was the first time God used this name to describe Himself, and He did so for an important reason. He was about to do something miraculous. Fulfilling an earlier promise, He would enable Abraham and Sarah to conceive and have a son. And, as a result, Abraham would become “the father of a multitude of nations.”

To confirm this amazing announcement, God also was giving Abram a new name. He would be known as “Abraham,” for he would be “extremely fruitful” and “the father of many nations.” In fact, his descendants would “become many nations.”

Clearly, Abraham thought this was impossible. Laughing, he responded, “How could I become a father at the age of 100?” He also wondered how his wife could “have a baby when she is ninety years old?”

But God would prove Himself to be El-Shaddai, almighty and powerful. There was no limit to what He could do. As He promised, He enabled Abraham and Sarah to conceive and have a son, even when this seemed to be physically impossible. And He could make Abraham “the father of a multitude of nations,” even though he presently lacked a male heir.

Almost all modern translations use English words for this name: “Almighty God” or “God Almighty.” But there is something special about the Hebrew, as in the NLT: “I am El-Shaddai.

Today, think about the fact that God is El-Shaddai in your life. He’s God Almighty! All powerful! And you can be confident that He will keep His promises to you!