Don’t Miss Your Passover Blessing

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

As we celebrate the feast of Passover today, I’m praying that you’re reminded of the blood of Jesus that purchased your forgiveness and cleansed you from every sin.

Just like the Israelites at Passover, remember, God is eager to bless you and deliver you from every attack of the enemy.

Just lay down your needs at the feet of Jesus… claim the blood of your living Savior, and receive His miracle breakthroughs.

Do you need healing? Restored relationships? Financial miracles? Its’s a time of new beginnings for you!

And you can rejoice that because of the blood on the doorposts of your heart and life, He’s reaching into your life and blessing you in a mighty way.

The Israelites KNEW that if they obeyed the Lord, kept His commandments, and came before Him with a special offering, they could depend on God to keep His promises to bless them. You and I can expect those same promises today!

So, whatever your need is, unlock your special Passover blessing with a steadfast faith in His goodness and mercy. Spend time worshipping our Lord and Savior today… claim your breakthrough in Him… and get ready for an outpour of blessings from the King of Kings.

God bless you,

David Cerullo