Doing Your Father’s Business

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

On the battlefields of the American Civil War, many soldiers became paralyzed with fear. Others weren’t clear what to do. But some were able to rise above their fears, with an unusual ability to focus on their mission, their objective, and their duty.

When Northern general Ulysses S. Grant was asked by another officer if he ever felt fear, he replied, “I never had time.” He was so focused on doing his duty that he did not stop to think about the possibility of fear.

Other soldiers had this same ability to focus. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, a great general of the Southern armies, declared this “statement of principle”: “Never take counsel of your fears.” He, too, demonstrated an unwavering, undistracted commitment to the goals before him.

Jesus knew that His followers would be tempted to get distracted. Many would be afraid or anxious. Others would be worried or uncertain. But He encouraged us to realize that God was watching to see how we would respond—whether we would allow ourselves to become distracted.

This was an important warning. Those who are idle or distracted are vulnerable. They can become obsessed with rumors and gossip, and they easily can chase the wrong goals.

In contrast, the Bible tells us that God promises special blessings to those who are diligent in serving Him—who stay busy doing His work, without letting anything distract them.

Although we don’t know what will happen from one minute to the next, God calls us to serve Him diligently in every situation. We’re called to be focused on His Kingdom, always seeking to do His work. Instead of allowing ourselves to be sidetracked, we must stay alert and ready.

Today, examine your life. Submit yourself anew to the Lord, and allow Him to direct your steps. Make sure you know His mission for you. Seek to please Him.