Doing Justice, Seeking Truth

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God gave Jeremiah a challenge: Find just one man “who does justice, who seeks truth.” If even one man could be found, the Lord would pardon the nation.

But God warned that this search would be futile. If Jeremiah traveled everywhere and talked with everyone, he would not find even one person who truly did justice and sought Truth. It was a nation filled with people devoted to compromise. Instead of being committed to Truth, they sought expediency and personal comfort. Instead of pursuing God’s eternal standards, they sought temporary pleasures. They ignored His Word and followed the ways of the world.

God warned Jeremiah that he would see people with a superficial spirituality, who talked like they were religious but whose hearts were far from Him. In reality, the religion of such people was merely an act. It was all for show.

When confronted with God’s Truth, these people wouldn’t change. They had faces that were “harder than rock,” and they “refused to repent.” As a result, God had no choice but to send judgment and shake them up.

Today, God still is looking for men and women “who do justice, who seek truth.” Ask yourself some tough questions: Are you one of these people? Have you surrendered your life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? Are you seeking first the Kingdom of God and living according to His standards? Or are you guilty of compromise with the world?

Listen to God’s voice. Be passionate about pleasing Him and doing what is right. As the Lord told Jeremiah, just one person who does justice and seeks truth can make a huge difference, even stemming the tide of judgment and bringing revival to a nation. Will you be one of those people?