Doing Good While You Can

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In 1917, as a young student in China, Mao Zedong wrote that he “did not agree with the view that to be moral, the motive of one’s actions has to be benefiting others.” He believed that other people existed “only for me.” This credo of selfishness motivated Mao as he rose to leadership and throughout his life. With every action, he sought to benefit himself.

Many people—in business, politics, and relationships—apply this same principle. They make decisions based on tangible returns and act only when they will personally benefit in some way.

But the Bible teaches a completely different worldview. Paul explained that in every area of our lives, we Reap what we Sow. How can we Sow what is “good”? The Greek word indicates that “good” is what is honorable and useful, what brings joy and happiness, and what is consistent with the nature of God.

When should we “do good”…Sow Seeds from what God has given us…invest our time, talent, and treasure? Paul said we should do these things “while we have opportunity.” The Greek word indicates specific times and places. This means whenever we have the opportunity—anytime God opens a door.

Who should we help? We should pay special attention to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, but we must not neglect others—neighbors or coworkers, people we pass in shops or on the street, drivers on the highway, passengers on planes or trains…anyone.

Today, seek to be a faithful servant and good steward of the resources God has given you. He’s given you time, talent, and treasure so you can serve His Kingdom, bless others, and help meet their needs.

Always be ready to give while you can. Seize the opportunity!