Division, Deception, and Distortion

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In creation, God made everything “good.” There was beauty and balance. Everything had a place and a function. Adam and Eve were designed to be the ideal couple, to experience perfect fellowship and communion, and to be blessed in every way.

However, Satan attacked this partnership. He did not attack when Adam and Eve were together or with God. No, he attacked when Eve was alone. He sought to separate her from God and think of herself apart from Him and His Word.

Then Satan made a series of deceptive but enticing promises, saying that if Eve obeyed him, she would experience new revelation, new power, and new levels of blessing and pleasure. Eve believed these lies, and so did Adam. Because of their actions, they had to leave a perfect world and spend the rest of their lives suffering the consequences of believing Satan.

Satan still employs these tactics to try to disrupt and destroy families. He works to divide husbands from wives and parents from children, to create wedges and foster arguments, to encourage people to think only about themselves. He makes lavish promises that can be hard to resist, as he ultimately seeks to divide us from God, persuade us to reject His Word, and keep us from spending time with Him.

Sadly, many people, even Believers, fall into these traps. They choose to believe Satan’s lies rather than God’s timeless truths.

Today, don’t be ignorant of Satan’s schemes (2 Corinthians 2:11). Be ready for his attacks on you and your family. Make a renewed commitment to know and believe God’s Word. Spend time in intimate fellowship with Him. Surrender to the lordship of Jesus, and put God’s principles into practice.