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Some people simply seem to pack more into their lives than others.  Theodore Roosevelt was one of those people. His resume was rich and extensive: U.S. President, New York Governor, rancher, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Army officer, explorer, environmentalist, author of 26 books, and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Roosevelt became so productive, in large part, because of his dedication to discipline. Overcoming childhood adversities, he developed lifelong habits that he applied in his personal and professional life. Throwing himself into each task, he sought to train his body and mind through running, boxing, weight lifting, and other strenuous activities.

As a biographer describes, in school, “As soon as he received an assignment, he would set to work.” He never left “anything to the last minute.” This freed his mind from worry and enabled him to focus. President William Howard Taft observed, “I never knew a man who worked as far in advance of what was to be done.”

His life reminds us of the way the Bible encourages us to approach our lives. Many people waste their opportunities, approaching tasks with minimal effort and excuses and quickly give in to distractions. Instead, we are to be wise, like ants, who work ahead. Who plan for the future. Who do their best in everything they do.

The Bible reminds us of the importance of discipline. To remember that, “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge” (Proverbs 12:1). That “He who neglects discipline despises himself” (Proverbs 15:32).