Digging Ever Deeper

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When they enter the world of practical archeology, novices can feel electrified by their first observations. But many react with surprise, frustration, and even disappointment as they come face-to-face with reality.

As one veteran described, they learn how most first-level results have little value, that finds of genuine importance require more digging, going far below the surface.

This painstaking process requires great teamwork. As the site is cleared, each cubic centimeter of dirt must be examined. Each pebble. Each fragment. As truckloads of extraneous soil are removed, the digging process resumes, repeated endlessly across an area of expanding dimensions.

Novices learn that this work requires a fervent commitment to explore. To dig and dig. To dig with sweat, and with intelligence, hour upon hour, day after day. To dig even when it all appears so fruitless. But this is the process that leads to meaningful discoveries.

Yet even if they apparently discover buried treasures, they must remember that everything must be tested back in laboratories. And that some apparent gems may be relatively meaningless.

This also is the process that leads to achieving success and making lasting discoveries in every field. There may be exceptions, but the rule is that the greatest discoveries come to those who dig and keep digging, who are not content with the shallow or superficial but are driven by the prospect of even greater riches, even meaningful discoveries.

This digging can be unpleasant. It requires persistence in the face of frequent discouragement, a willingness not to give up in spite of apparent failure and hopelessness, a realization that obstacles will not be overcome easily or quickly.

In your life, and throughout this year, never forget the importance of perseverance. If you first don’t achieve success, or reach your goals, don’t give up. Keep digging.