Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

There are many reasons to be discouraged. In fact, a kind of epidemic of depression and discouragement has swept over the world.

This conclusion is clear from a recent study that revealed “nearly a quarter of workers around the world are depressed.” In fact, “only 12% of the global workforce feels optimistic.” This darkness of soul and mind has been stimulated by “many environment factors,” and has helped foster “a negative mindset” for many workers.

As this study demonstrates, we easily can become discouraged. The Psalmist knew what this was like, for he found that his soul was in “despair” and “disturbed.” The Hebrew words here suggest that he felt the weight of life’s burdens.

But, in the face of these burdens, the Psalmist turned to God. He realized that God could give him victory in any situation, and he could hope in Him. Though everything around him might be shaking, God could be his Rock, and He could bring joy, even if he’d shed tears “day and night” (v. 3).

If he faced ridicule or opposition, the Psalmist knew that these were times to thirst for God and crave His presence “as the deer pants for the water brooks” (v. 1). In this frame of mind, the Psalmist asked himself, “Why are you in despair…why have you become disturbed within me?” (v. 5)

In our lives, we will discover the limit of the world’s answers. Its pleasures and possessions inevitably fade. Other people will disappoint us. But God is faithful. He never changes.

Don’t allow your life to be dominated by depression or discouragement. Focus on God. Seek Him. Read His Word, and confess His promises. Start praising Him. Remember, you can hope in Him.